why coaching and feedback?

One of the biggest challenges a growing startup faces is how to maintain agility and improve performance as it scales.  Building a culture of ongoing coaching and feedback is one of the best strategies to accomplish this goal. 

In this hands-on, neuroscience-informed workshop, you will learn and practice key feedback and coaching skills, while developing practical strategies for making coaching and feedback an integral part of your culture. You will learn how to:

"I liked how interactive it was. It didn't feel like a training session. We learned new ideas and skills, and were able to practice them right then and there."

Manager at HoneyBook


  • Overcome the natural resistance to feedback
  • Give feedback with courage, care and precision
  • Receive feedback in a way that ensures more feedback in the future
  • Learn to diffuse defensive behavior
  • Transform one-way feedback into two-way coaching conversations
  • Increase the flow of feedback in all directions


  • Practice active listening that builds trust
  • Ask powerful questions that reveal new insights
  • Raise awareness of “blind spots” and “in-the-box” thinking
  • Challenge limiting beliefs and assumptions
  • Generate strong commitment for action
  • Scale peer-to-peer coaching without scaling the cost

"I am amazed at how productive this workshop was. We accomplished so much in just a couple of hours! I wish all of our sessions were this  productive and useful!"

- Director at HoneyBook


This workshop is best suited for fast-growth startup leaders and managers who want to minimize management overhead and remain relatively flat as the company grows. They believe in building high performing, self-managing teams and are committed to nurturing a culture of ongoing development.

workshop format

Making coaching and feedback into a healthy habit requires real-life, iterative practice and ongoing support -- not just classroom learning. This is why this workshop includes four short and intense
learning sessions and three practice-and-integration sprints over a six
week period:

How is this workshop different?


Many workshops teach new skills and assume that new behaviors and habits will form as a result.  In reality, workshop learning must be followed by rigorous practice and careful reflection in order for lasting change to occur. In this workshop don’t just focus on skill building. We also help you design and implement plans that integrate coaching and feedback into your day-to-day work.

Agile and Iterative

Inspired by Agile, this workshop is designed over three two-week sprints, with clear outcomes at the end of each sprint. Your action-learning is supported by a clear plan, a peer accountability structure, and regular checkins where you receive coaching to help you make steady progress. With every iteration, you become more confident and skilled at weaving coaching and feedback into your everyday work.