Max, Bill, and Peter co-founded the organizational change consultancy, 10X Shift, to help organizations develop cultures where collaboration, innovation, and responsiveness thrive, naturally.  

The firm’s members have done change work in ten industries for organizations, including Bayer, Chevron, Clorox, Corning, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Exxon, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Royal Bank of Scotland, SAP, Shell, Sonepar, Stanford University, and Symantec.

The core team includes:

Bill Veltrop

Bill Veltrop

Bill Veltrop is a senior organizational architect and pioneer in organic action-learning approaches to leadership development. He has 35 years’ experience in organizational learning, design, and change. Bill has led innovative organization design initiatives and large-scale change implementations in the US, Canada, and the Far East -- both as an internal and external consultant.

In the 1990s, Bill founded ICOD: The International Center for Organization Design. He and his colleagues conducted global conferences that brought together experts in various “technologies of transformation,” as a way of fostering collaboration among those who guide large-system change. ICOD’s Gamma Learning Expedition series included change strategy teams from Exxon, Gulf, MW Kellogg, Shell, and TransAlta Utilities.

Bill and his wife live in the Santa Cruz Mountains, California. Continue to Bill’s detailed bio… 

Max Shkud

Max Shkud

Max Shkud brings to 10X Shift his extensive corporate experience in leadership development, organizational change, hi-tech management, and software product development.

Max began his career as a software architect at Motorola (Israel), where he designed wireless systems for the army and police.

Later, as a technology leader at Snapfish, he led the design and implementation of a software infrastructure that today serves over 100 million customers worldwide. He also spearheaded the development of online ventures -- worth hundreds of millions of dollars -- for Costco, Walgreens, and Walmart.

As a consulting change-leader for T-Mobile, Microsoft, Airbnb, HP, and Royal Bank of Scotland, Max co-led division-wide initiatives that focused on business transformation, innovative organization design, and leadership development.

Max sees his mission in life as one where he helps people and organizations self-actualize. He developed his passion for self-actualization from his upbringing in the former Soviet Union. There, he experienced firsthand what it was like to live in a totalitarian system where one’s natural gifts were repressed. Upon leaving the country, he saw similar wasteful patterns in organizations throughout the world. Max decided, then, to dedicate himself to helping unleash human and organizational potential, as a way of creating sustained and responsible business growth.

Max and his fiancee live in San Francisco, California.

Peter Gaarn

Peter Gaarn

Peter Gaarn is a senior organizational architect with over 30 years of experience in innovative organization design, cultural transformation, organization development, executive coaching, and strategic change.

Peter spent 25 years as an internal consultant and director at Hewlett Packard and Lockheed-Martin, and 8+ years as an independent consultant serving both for- and not for profit organizations. 

Peter has deep knowledge in high tech, manufacturing, education and most recently health care. 

In communities, he has worked at the intersection of local government, non-profits and educational institutions to improve and transform the systems and coordination between agencies to better serve their constituents.

Peter is a co-founder of MISA, and has affiliations with The Piras Group and Spring-Network.

He and his wife live in Santa Cruz, California.