A Fundamental Shift Is Underway

Today’s volatile and rapidly changing world puts tremendous pressure on organizations everywhere. Externally, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the rising complexity and constant disruption in their environment. Internally, most are struggling to fully engage the hearts and minds of their people — to ignite their passions and inspire their creativity and leadership at work.

This is hardly surprising given that most of today’s organizations still embody ‘mechanistic,’ control-over-people, hierarchical management models and designs invented during the Industrial Era to maximize standardization, compliance and control. Their cultures tend to cover the range described by the Red, Orange and Yellow Zones below — with the Yellow Zone cultural patterns generally being “as good as it gets.”

The unintended consequences are staggering: low employee engagement, lack of innovation, poor collaboration across silos, low responsiveness, resistance to change and stagnating growth — to name a few.

It is revealing that according to Gallup, over 70% of the American workforce is disengaged (a whopping 89% worldwide) — resulting in huge losses in productivity, innovation and quality of life at work. It seems that our traditional organizations with their Yellow-Orange-Red cultures have become ‘psychic prisons’ for millions of bright, capable individuals with an innate desire to create, grow and make a lasting difference.

What’s more, we can no longer continue improving the current organizational machinery and hope to get different results — we must consider a 10X shift in how we think about people and design organizations for today’s VUCA world.

Our commitment is to guide and support business leaders, organizational changemakers and their organizations in navigating this fundamental shift. We refer to it as crossing the Great Culture Chasm — from ideal organizations as well-oiled machines to organizations as conscious living systems.

The new organizational model opens unprecedented possibilities and promises exciting breakthroughs in every aspect of an organization’s life. This new organization has the potential to be many times more innovative, engaging, responsive and resilient — naturally. It is filled with deep and pervasive caring and a strong commitment to making a lasting contribution to the wellbeing of its customers, employees, partners, and other immediate and extended stakeholder groups. It is a vibrant, always-learning, consciously self-evolving social organism with highly distributed leadership and deeply collaborative relationships. It is an organization fundamentally fit for the future.

We at 10X Shift are deeply committed to guiding and supporting organizations in embracing this new organizational paradigm — and fully realizing the possibilities and breakthroughs implicit in this transformation. We have worked with clients big and small in industries ranging from hi-tech, oil and construction to education and healthcare — and we bring deep and diverse experience in social design and organization change at the whole-system level.

Our approach is organic, heuristic and generative. We are always in “beta,” rarely following the same path twice. We never stop learning, inventing and evolving our approaches to change. While we have in-depth experience with multiple change methodologies, but we also understand that none of them is THE answer to the highly complex challenge of creating a lasting systemic change in an organization. We work at the level of social architecture — applying those change methodologies most relevant at every step of the change journey.

We also understand that it takes a village to transform an organization. While our core team is small, we rely on a rich network of allies — both internal changemakers and external change practitioners from many fields and traditions of organization change and human transformation; thus we grow our project team as required, and on demand.

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